Social media can be a powerful way to generate leads for your mortgage business.

The best way to increase sales leads has certainly changed over the years.  With web-based technology, using an effective sales and marketing follow up system like Blitz has become an essential part in growing your company.  But if your mortgage business can use some more refinance leads, here’s some great ways to find them using the power and reach of social media.

1. Lure Them in With Videos
Nothing can generate more clicks and more interest with social media followers than videos.  Keep the videos short – ideally 1 minute 30 second or less.  They can be informal to show a tradeshow, seminar, networking event, or a personal reaction to an important industry news story.  Or they can be a short animation done in GoAnimate or a similar program.  Keep the videos fun and engaging if you want to use them as a conversation starter.

2. Join LinkedIn and Facebook Groups
LinkedIn and Facebook have tons of great groups available, ready for you to join or request to join.  But if you choose one social media network, pick LinkedIn.  As a social media network that is aimed at professionals like yourself, LinkedIn groups in particular as a must if you want to increase the number of your refinance leads.

3. Ask for a Referral
Whenever you close on a loan, send your client a direct message or email through a social media network asking to connect and for a referral.  Customers that are happy working with you might be willing to recommend you to someone else needing a loan.

4. Contact Real Estate Agents
Do you need to grow your prospect numbers fast? Then try this.  Each day find three new real estate agents you haven’t contacted before.  Post a comment to a social media from agent #1, post a message on the wall of agent #2, and send a direct message to agent #3. In one week alone, you will have contacted 21 agents using this method and by month’s end, close to 100.

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5. Post Photos or Memes from Closings
Social media is a very visual communication platform.   But that doesn’t mean you have to be intimidated.  With the permission of your client of course, take some photos during the closing.  Make it fun, informative and entertaining.  Maybe even create a meme showing your client’s bright smiles with a line that tells the reader to be as happy at your closing as Mr. & Mr. John Doe, contact me at 555-555-5555. Keeping it visual makes it more likely to be read and shared on social media.

6. Search for #Hashtags
Social media loves hashtags – and so do search engines. Use social media networks like Twitter to find out what hashtags are trending.  Hashtags like #realestate are easy choices, but don’t forget to look-up regional hashtags with the city you live in such as #ToledoRealEstate.  There might be someone on the other end of that hashtags that needs a new loan right in your area.

7. Follow the top business and mortgage professionals
One of the best ways to build your professional reputation and potentially generate more refinance leads is to follow the top newsmakers and influencers in the fields of business, management, mortgage, and finance.  Bookmark their websites, sign-up for their newsletters, blogs, and especially follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  And then whenever they post something new on social media, be sure to read and interact in some way.

8. Don’t forget to leave comments
This one is so important I wanted to make it one of my top 8 ways to generate more refinance leads instead of just adding it to #7 – it’s that important.   When one of those nationally or internally renowned professionals that you followed posts something new, leave a comment.  You would be surprised how many people – hundreds and possibly thousands – of individuals will likely read and possibly react to your comment.  Those people might then in turn choose to follow you on social media, and read and share your posts with their followers.  All of which grows your social media circle and can leads to big sales opportunities and increase brand recognition down the line.

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How has your business successfully generated more refinance leads to grow your business? We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts below!