Keep your sales team motivated with our list of proven incentives to increase sales and boost performance.

As you prepare to close out Q1, you have likely taken a hard look at your sales numbers and you know where you stand going into Q2. Many brands have tried to hold sales contests, but if those haven’t worked out the way you anticipated, you might need a new approach. We have 8 tips to help you boost sales number at your company.

Workplace Incentives to Increase Sales

1. Mid-day break with lunch and movie. Management could either supply lunch, or it can be bring your own, but a movie could be shown mid-day to provide a much needed break for your hard-working sales staff.

2. Promise something entertaining that performed by a management member. If someone in leadership has a beard, would they agree to shave it off if the sales team achieves their quarterly sales goal? Perhaps he or should could sing a song, selected by the sales team, at the next company meeting? This incentive to increase sales has the potential to be both free and lots of fun for everyone at the company.

3. Time off from work. Your sales team works hard to bring in sales.  One incentive to increase sales is to provide the winning salesperson with a paid half-day off from work. Sure it may cost some money, but the sales rep is likely going to return refreshed and ready to get to work.

4. Funny team-wide email. If you want to boost morale but simultaneously trying an incentive to increase sales that is free, this one might be for you. When someone makes a sale that is worth celebrating, congratulate them in a team-wide email. To make it fun, use a GIF finder like gifly.com and add a funny GIF to your email.

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Incentives to Increase Sales

Tangible Incentives to Increase Sales

5. Premium parking spot. If your company has a large parking lot, or perhaps a separate closer parking lot for leadership, then this incentive to increase sales has potential. Select a top parking spot and create a sign that says “Top Salesperson” or something similar, whose right to park in that spot rotates based on who has the best sales performance that month or quarter.

6. Lunch with leadership. Few things are as motivating as feeling as though you are valued and appreciated by management. Offer to take the top salesperson to lunch once a month or once a quarter.  This will provide not only a sense of pride for your sales team, but also a sense of being valued and respected for their individual contributions.

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Incentives to Increase Sales

7. Trophy or other passable item for bragging rights. It might be old-fashioned, but people still love to brag about their accomplishments.  What better way to show that off then a trophy for the best salesperson the previous quarter or month?  Get creative and create something fun that your sales team would be proud to win and display in their work area.

8. Plague engraved with the contest name. If you are looking for something more concrete that can be long-lasting memento, what about naming your contest and then creating a plague that the person with the most sales for that month, quarter or year can display in their work area?

Incentives to Increase Sales

What incentives to increase sales have your company used in the past? What was the outcome? We’d love to hear from you! Please share your feedback in the comments below!