Transform a cold lead into a strong warm lead generation opportunity.

From time to time, it can be invaluable to take a good look at the cold leads that you have in your sales funnel.  To be sure, this type of work is not fun but the effort can turn the coldest lead into a warm one that is more likely to result in a sale. We have gathered 5 effective warm lead generation tips that your business can’t afford to miss.

Do Your Research
It’s important – of course – to know your audience.  This can be handily achieved through utilizing metrics with purpose. If you don’t know who your customers are then you can’t assist with determining their needs and expectations.

Approach All Advertising with a Plan
When you are creating your next marketing campaign, always think long-term. Even if you have the most clever ideas to generate business, you need to ensure that you have a plan of action on how you will move those cold leads down the sales funnel.

Utilize Your Social Media Networks
When your company has news, be sure to not only send email campaigns and post to your website, but also share the news on social media.  In particular, be sure to have a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Create an Ideal Customer Profile
If your business hasn’t already, create an ideal customer profile. This is a single-page document that defines your company and value proposition, unique characteristics of your top customers, and who to contact within the organization when someone wants to learn more.

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warm lead generation

Turn Success Stories into Adverting Gold
Request success stories and them promote them on your website.  No matter how many times you discuss the benefits of your products or services, nothing can compare to hearing them directly from someone that has used them first-hand.

Create Email Templates
Assist your customers with the creating email templates that your team can use to communicate with their top prospects and customers quickly and easily.

Ask for Referrals
Make asking for customer referrals from your best customers part of the conversation at appropriate times.  Work with your sales team so they know when to request one, as well as the importance of doing so at all times.

warm lead generation

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How has your business increased sales using the warm lead generations that we outlined above? Share your success stories with our audience. We’d love to hear from you!