These steps to hire an employee that are proven and highly effective.

Your business deserves only the best staff, but do you know the steps to hire an employee that will be the perfect fit for your organization?  Save your human resources staff time and ensure that you are finding the perfect staff to fit the needs of your business.  Following these 5 easy and effective steps to hire an employee will result in a smooth transition for everyone.

Create a killer job description
The key to locating the perfect candidate is having an accurate job description that stands out. The job description should be accurate of the tasks and expectations of the employee you are looking to find.  It should clearly outline the responsibilities of the role, list the essential qualifications and skills needed to do the job.  But it also needs to discuss the company culture so the applicant can get a feel for if your company – as well as the position – is the right fit.

Get the word out
Once you have crafted the perfect job description, it is essential that you promote the job description across numerous communication channels. Use your company website and make sure that it has a Careers page that is kept it up-to-date with your latest job postings. Industry publications are also ideal for positions where a working knowledge of your company’s industry would be beneficial in a new team member.
Prepare for the interviewing process
We are all familiar with preparing for an interview when we’re the one being interviewed.  However, one of the most forgotten steps to hire an employee that will shine at your organization is to prepare yourself to interview the selected candidates. Review the candidate’s resume and prepare some questions based on their qualifications as it compares to the job description. It is always helpful to also prepare some questions that will help you to get to know the candidate as a person.  Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how qualified the person is – if that person doesn’t fit in seamlessly into the team it won’t work out for you or for them.

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steps to hire an employee

Screen your applicants
For those businesses where the job requires working for machinery in particular, a drug screening is also recommended. This will protect your company from selecting a job candidate where illegal drugs or even certain medications might interfere with their ability to fulfill the requirements for the role. Also, one of the important steps to hire an employee is to always perform a background check for criminal records, and to confirm degrees listed on their resume.

Make your new hire comfortable
Congratulations, you have selected your job candidate and they are starting at your company in a few days.  On your employee’s first day, have their computer, phone, and workspace ready for them along with network and corporate email access.  If the job requires the use of special software, have it installed and ready to go. Also have training materials or access set-up as well, because nothing will be more frustrating for your new team member than to have nothing to do on his or her first day.

steps to hire an employee

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What steps to hire an employee have you used successfully at your company? We’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below!