Communicating with customers and prospects at real estate agencies can be challenging.

You need advertising for real estate tactics that really work for businesses like yours. These 21 tips will give you everything you need to be successful.

1. Make sure that you are using social media
There are a lot of social media networks out there to pick from, but make sure that you are using the big ones like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Pinterest and Instagram are great when advertising for real estate companies.

2. Post links to your social media site prominently
Once you have set-up your social media network pages, don’t forget to post them prominently on all websites and landing pages. If you are using email marketing, be sure to add them to the header or footer of all your campaigns as well.

3. Add social sharing to your website and landing pages
Make it easy for those visiting your website to share your content on social media and via email. This has been proven to increase traffic.

4. List contact information and make it easy to find
Your customers might need your street address or simply might prefer to call you instead of sending an email. Make all your contact information easy to find on your website, landing pages, and in email campaigns.

5. Design a creative business card
All reputable businesses and real estate agents have business cards. Advertising for real estate companies can be easy with a creative and unusual business card design. Do some research for some unusual ideas that will allow your card to be one of the few that they keep and pass onto others.

6. Find a good photographer to take high-quality local pictures
When you advertise a listing you are trying to sell the house, yes, but you are really selling the community and the town. Personalize all marketing channels when advertising for real estate companies like yours with good local pictures. Your customers will notice.

7. Write and promote your own premium content marketing pieces
Offering free knowledge and expertise if a great way to advertise for real estate businesses. Create your own tips sheets of on the most valuable features in a new home, how to save money on a short sales, and more (you get the idea) and then promote them heavily on your website, in email campaigns, and on social media.

8. Remember that people love virtual tours
Does your real estate company offer you the technological capability of creating a virtual tour of your listings? Advertising for real estate using virtual tours are smart and extremely effective.

9. People also love animated videos
Videos are a great way to advertise any business. But if you can’t do virtual tours, or just want something more to add to your marketing mix, try creating your own short high-quality videos. Several companies like GoAnimate.com can help you create sophisticated videos in no time.

10. Promote videos on social media
Once you have some good high-quality video content created, be sure to share them on social media a few times. Experiment with posting times to see when posts get the most engagement and interaction with your target audience.

11. Post images of listings on Pinterest and Instagram
Advertising for real estate can be low-cost when posting images to Pinterest and Instragram. Highlight the listings that you most want to promote and the features of each that make them unique.

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advertising for real_estate

12. Create a monthly newsletter
Hopefully you are already collecting emails from your website (if not, then why aren’t you?). Start leveraging those emails by creating and sending a monthly email to build and nurture client relationships. You can include listings, for sure, but don’t forget to mention any upcoming open houses, seminar information in your area, or real estate news that can impact your customers.

13. Start lead nurturing with drip email campaigns
Let’s say that someone attends an open house and your collect their contact information but never hear from them again. Sound familiar? Start turning those contacts into customers with email nurturing campaigns. Send them an email after the open house they attend with other listings in the area.  If you are holding a seminar for first time buyers and they attend, send them a copy of a guide for first time buyers that you have written and is posted on your website. You get the idea. Send leads the content that makes the most sense for them, but be sure to send them several campaigns spread apart over a few weeks’ time and not all at once.

14. Tell a customer’s story
People respond to people. While there are numerous ways that you can advertise for real estate, people like authenticity. Do have a happy customer whose home you sold successfully? Interview them and get it on video. Take some photos of them and get some good quotes. Then with their permission, start using that on your website, in emails, and on social media to promote the effectiveness of your real estate agency.

15. Advertise on Facebook
Facebook is a great place to advertise for any business, but that’s especially try for real estate agencies. Check out our recent blog post, Real Estate Agent Ads: 3 Proven Strategies for Facebook for some great tips on how to get started.

16. Host a free webinar for first time home buyers
Hosting an webinar for first time home buyers is a great way to get some solid leads that you can nurture with email marketing (as we noted above). Make the webinar about an hour, with talking for about 45 minutes and then leave the last 15 minutes for Q&A. It’s important to remember to follow-up with every person that attends and registers but does not attend with personal calls if you can, and if not, email campaigns.

17. Advertise with some low-cost branded handouts
Do you have any pens, packs of gum, water bottles with your real estate company’s logo on them? If not, you can buy some fairly inexpensively. Then you can have them available at open houses and in-person seminars that you host. It’s a great way to advertise for real estate firms.

18. Start using Zillow
Zillow is great way for your listings to be discovered. It can be a little expensive so you need to be careful so you don’t spend too much of your marketing budget here, but it’s worth considering if you aren’t already using Zillow.

19. Set-up a Google My Business account
Adverting for real estate companies can be enhanced with a Google My Business page. The basic idea is that once your business is set-up people using Google will be able to find your business easier when doing searches, trying to map the location, and more.

20. Don’t forget to make sure your website is mobile-friendly
Did you know that these days if your website isn’t mobile friendly that is can be docked by Google (and receive a lowest placement on a search results page). So if your website isn’t mobile friendly, add that to the top of your advertising for real estate “to-do” list!

21. Remember your customers after the close
Relationships with customers do not end at the time of closing. They might need to list another properly in the future or have friends of family in the housing market. Send a care package or some flowers along with a personal note of congratulations. It’s a nice touch that will be remembered and appreciated.


advertising for real_estate

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What advertising for real estate agencies has your business used to increase loyalty and sell more properties? Do you have any examples to share our audience? Share your feedback in the comments below!