Uncovering the best insurance leads takes determination and hard work.  But luckily, we have 12 ways to make the process easier.

Every business, even insurance agencies can use more sales.  Finding good, quality insurance leads doesn’t happen overnight.  But it is possible to locate more potential customers without spending a lot of time or money.  Take a look at our list of 12 ways to generate more insurance leads for your agency.

1. Lead Providers
Many insurance agents find generating their own insurance leads to be internet expensive and time consuming.  Not to mention, it is often quite challenging to find the right contact names and information for those you need reach. Our valued web lead provider partners can help you find the best list of leads for your insurance agency, and at a price you can afford.  If you haven’t tried lead providers yet, it is certainly worth a try and is highly recommended.

2. Fishbowls
While this idea might be old fashioned, it can still be effective. Find local businesses, your existing partners if you have any would be ideal, and ask them to place a fish bowl by the entrance to collect business cards.  Remember to reciprocate and offer to do the same thing for them.

3. Lunch Hour Quotes
Do you happen to be well connected and know people at any of the large companies in your area? If you do, then this insurance lead generating idea might be for you. Communicate to the company that you do not want to pressure their employees, but educate them on their options and how they can protect their assets and the financial security of their families. The pitch is important, so sell the idea like you are trying to help their employees, not yourself. Once you have received approval from the company, set-up a table in their common room or in the cafeteria during their lunch hour. Between 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. is often ideal.

4. Engagement and Marriage Announcements
Even with modern technology, people still run engagement and marriage announcement in the newsletter. If you aren’t taking the time to target them as potential insurance leads, then you are missing out! Those couples are likely thinking about the future, including a new home, expanding their family and more. Send a note of congratulations along with a business card and offer to help them plan for the future.

5. Dealership Referrals
Automotive, motorcycle, and vehicle dealers are obviously selling the items that your insurance agency is hoping to insure. So it makes sense to reach out to them and see if there is a way you can help each other to increase sales commissions. If you can find a dealership that is close to the offer, ask them if you can help them finalize a sale by setting up insurance coverage for their own sales lead.

6. Provide Online Quotes
These days people want to look around before committing to a purchase. Even when considering insurance, it is not uncommon for people to want to get several quotes before buying. So if your website doesn’t already have online quote functionality, look into adding it right away.  At Blitz, we are privileged to work with the best insurance auto-quoting companies around!  Take a look at our partners webpage and contact one of them today for all your insurance auto-quoting needs.

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7. Carry Blank Business Cards
This insurance lead generation idea might seem odd, but here me out. When at a networking event, or even just out and about, it is not uncommon to meet somebody would make a great insurance lead or possible source for referrals.  The problem is, you might not have anything to write down their contact information.  Enter the blank business cards.  Carry a few with you wherever you do, along with something to write with, just in case you need them.  It never hurts to be prepared!

8. Use Your Camera
Occasionally when you are driving around you might notice a business that you think could be a possibly for partnering for mutual lead generation.  When that happens, safely pull over to the side of the road and take a picture with your cell phone camera. The photograph will remind you find their contact information later and reach out with a personal communication that explains why they should help you generate more insurance leads.

9. Schedule a Webinar
Your target customers, like most people these days, are very busy. It might be hard for them to find time to meet with you for an hour at your office. However, finding the time for an online webinar that they can attend while they work is probably more convenient. Schedule a webinar and then promote it on your website, in emails, and on social media.  You can even make some calls. Those that register, even if they do not attend, have already identified that they are interesting, so follow up is important.

10. Get Quotes Through Facebook
Assuming that you are already using Facebook for your insurance agency, you can leverage the effectiveness of Facebook further with allow people to get quotes through your page. Research a low-cost way to allow you to add a “Get a Quote” tab to your Facebook page. It could be an effective method for generating insurance leads and is certainly worth a small investment.

11. Find College Students Who Rent Apartments or Condos
People who rent an apartment or share a condo should have renter’s insurance. It might be challenging to get your foot in the door with the complex manager. So instead, print out some flyers and make them available at all the common open areas at the local colleges and universities.  Entice them cost savings and an example of what can happen if they aren’t protected with renter’s insurance.

12. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines
Getting your website to the top of search engines takes hard work, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  If you don’t have a budget for paid ad placement, start thinking about ways you can boost your traffic organically.  A big part of that is unique content, such as blog posts, videos and an active social media presence. Research the top keywords and phrases that you should be using and create content that focuses on those item in the text you write.

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What methods has your business used to generate more insurance leads? Share your feedback and expertise in the comments below!