Leads are falling through the cracks!

Lost leads are the bane of the sales world. At least, that’s what we hear from people who aren’t paying attention to their neglected leads in Blitz… Our webinar is all about finding your neglected leads in the software and doing something about them. We’ll show you our powerful approach to keeping leads in line. Additionally, you’ll learn how you can keep contacts in front of you and prevent losing them in the shuffle.

Fixing the Neglected Lead Issue

If you’re running calls like crazy and working with automation, there’s a good likelihood that you won’t get to call every single lead every single day. That’s where the neglected lead list comes in. Neglected leads wait patiently on the list for you. Then, they make sure you know that they were missed, and all you have to do to update them is check in once in a while. Some offices even run solely off their neglected lead list. Your process is up to you, and in the webinar below we describe some key features of the neglected lead lists:

  • What the Neglected List Does
  • How to Un-Neglect your Leads
  • Strategies for Working Neglected Leads

If you think that you can benefit from learning more about the neglected lead list in Blitz, listen to the webinar below to make sure that all of your leads stay in front of you. Leads shouldn’t be neglected, but if you fall behind, Blitz will help you get back on track.

Helpful Links

Here are some helpful pages on our helpdesk with more detailed information about the main topics covered in the webinar:

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