When you use a CRM system, enhancing cross-sells is like icing on the software-cake. When you use Blitz, we want to encourage you to take advantage of the work you’ve already done by keeping your account organized and your dispositions updated.* The front-loading is already done just by using Blitz. Now it’s time to power-up your cross-sells. So how do we do it? *If you DO need work on updating and organizing your account, we’re more than happy to help you with our always free training and support. Speak to your account manager for advice on steps you can take to keep that account squeaky-clean and running smoothly.

How to Encourage Cross-Sells

If cross-sells are your game, Blitz is the MVP. The webinar link below will take you through a few of the key tools in Blitz that will help your cross-sell game reach its highest potential:

  • Milestone and Status-based organization
  • Blitz Opportunities
  • Workflow Automation

We can’t promise that your customers will all start throwing more business at you, but by following a few of these tips, you will open the door and invite them to. Because of course as you know in sales, part of the battle is lowering the barrier to entry. Your Milestones and Statuses are the keys to making sure all your leads are up to date and easily located in your account. If you keep contacts marked correctly here, everything in your account will flow smoothly. Blitz Opportunities can help you track individual sales, and Workflow automation will help to automatically run reach-outs.

Helpful Links These links will share pages on our helpdesk with more detailed information on generating your own leads based on the main topics covered in the webinar:

If you’re interested in watching more Blitz webinars, you can find our current run of webinars at the webinars page on our blog. The last subject we covered was about using Blitz tools for Reporting and Coaching.