When you can see the obstacles you are facing in your sales pipeline, you’ll know exactly what to work on in order to improve your sales. Blitz’s Opportunities Feature will organize the specific products or services you provide. Then the feature allows you to gather your sales contacts into manageable groups so you can research ROI, projections, and company sales goals.

Opportunities Give You Focus

When using opportunities in Blitz, you’re able to track multiple sales for each lead or contact. If you’re in the insurance market, you can track different policies per lead. Is solar energy your market? Track the custom setup options for a potential client. If fundraising is your market, you can track the specific products and offers your clients have used in the past and stay on top of them for the annual candy bar sale. No matter your industry, Blitz can help you reach your sales goals.

In addition to knowing what’s going on IN your pipeline, opportunities give you the power to know what went wrong if you lose a sale. The best way to learn from sales challenges is to track and document them. Customizing your Lost Opportunities in Blitz will help you to learn about the largest objections you face. That way, your staff will know how to combat them next tune. The lost opportunities list is customizable, so you can track any of the following:

  • Timing
  • Need
  • Poor Qualification
  • Authority
  • Price
  • Feature
  • Lost Momentum
  • Competition

Helpful Links

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