“Figuring out your Folders – Organizing Data” is part of Blitz’s ongoing webinar series. Here is a list of links to the topics covered in the webinar. They will connect you to how to articles and videos on improving your knowledge of Blitz, and keeping you organized.

Custom Fields and Folder Settings – Tutorial page with 5 videos applying to the different folder settings and configurations you can use.

Group History – Mass notes saved on an entire folder of leads. This spot on the help desk has instructions and video on the required steps. The video goes into detail on how to juggle leads between folders and update a bunch of leads quickly and easily.

Webinar Recording –
We always record webinars, and distribute the recording to everyone who signed up for the event, even if you can’t make it to a presentation, we’ll send you the recording and any materials after the presentation’s video is saved and updated.

Don’t forget that you can use the Search bar in the Blitz Help desk to find anything you’re looking for on working and customizing your Blitz account.