Making Blitz Workflow Work for You

In this webinar, we’re teaching you all about how to make workflow work for you. If you’re using a CRM system like Blitz, knowing how to run the included automation is huge. If you have a follow-up plan, Workflow can help implement it. If you don’t have a...

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Individualized Emails, Prepared in Mass

If you have an automatic email tool like Blitz’s Workflow as well as an idea of how often you want to touch base with your leads, you have all the tools you need to take your communication to the next level. Here’s the next level: email templates. It’s time to...

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Figuring out your Folders – Organizing Data

“Figuring out your Folders – Organizing Data” is part of Blitz’s ongoing webinar series. Here is a list of links to the topics covered in the webinar. They will connect you to how to articles and videos on improving your knowledge of Blitz, and keeping you...

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