Call Logic allows you to plan, execute, and evaluate your outbound calling campaigns. Blitz, on the other hand, enables you to power up your follow-ups and increase the time you spend prospecting. When you use the two together, the tools combine to become the ultimate dialing and follow-up interface. In this webinar, we’re going to show you how this combination can enhance your dialing:

Enhance your Dialing

We intend to show you just how easy it is to use Call Logic’s automatic dialer with Blitz. This webinar was planned to educate our audience about a few key benefits of using the two together:

  • 3 times faster dialing
  • Use any phone
  • No robotic call delays
  • Call any type of contact
  • Real-Time scrubbing
This webinar is hosted by Alex Eding, an Onboarding Specialists and Media Creator at Blitz, and features a visit from Ashley Kreher, an expert on the Call Logic platform. Ashley and Alex (the double A’s) will be sharing some insight into how you can easily combine these two powerful tools to transform your call outs. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to use a dialing program, this webinar is for you! If you’ve ever wondered about using a powerful lead follow up and customer relationship management program, this webinar is also for you. And if you’ve ever wondered about how to combine a dialer and a sales platform, you can’t miss this!

Helpful Links

Here are some useful pages on our helpdesk with more detailed information about the dialer interface and based on the main topics covered in the webinar:

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