Lead Source

Lead Source has been added as an option for each lead in the Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software. There is a new configuration screen for managing the lead sources. (Administration -> Lead Sources)

Adding/Updating Leads – The lead source can be specified when adding a lead from the lead list, importing leads, or mobile add lead screens. The source can be updated from the lead log or mobile update page.

New My Blitz Gadget– The My Blitz has a new gadget that breaks down leads by lead source. There is also the option to view the breakdown for a single campaign.

Updated Opportunities Gadgets – The Won, Lost, and Pending gadgets have had a new lead source section added so that you can view your opportunities broken down by lead source.

Miscellaneous – The lead source was also added as a column on the lead list, opportunities list, and milestone report. So each of these pages can be filtered/sorted based on the lead’s current source.

My Blitz

On top of the new lead source updates, the opportunities gadgets have been changed so that they reference what has occurred this month and last month.  The old “Past Month” opportunity breakdowns have been replaced by “This Month” and “Last Month” breakdowns.  This will allow you to track opportunity progress based on month from the My Blitz page.

A new pending breakdown has also been added.  The “Still Pending And The Estimated Close Date Has Passed” breakdown will show you all opportunities that have passed their estimated close date. This is useful to make sure that opportunities are being updated in a timely manner and they don’t get left in a pending status beyond the date that they were closed. (This will only work for opportunities that have a defined Estimated Close Date”)

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