Milestone Report – Do you need to know when a client or lead reached a milestone and which Blitz user set the milestone? The new Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software Milestone Report will give you those answers.

The report can be ran for any date range. Just change the start and or end date and click the “Generate Report” button. The report contains the company, campaign, leads name, the user who set the milestone, milestone that was reached, and when the milestone was reached. This report allows you to group by, sort, and filter any of the columns so you can format the data exactly as you want. The report can be exported to Excel by clicking the excel icon in the report header.

Milestone Report

To Group the reports data by a column simply drag the column name up to the group by bar. This will refresh the the report with the data grouped around the selected group by column. Multiple group by columns can be selected.

Milestone Report Drag Columns

Milestone Report Grouped By Milestone

My Blitz – When you sign in you will no longer go straight to the Lead List you will see the My Blitz page. The page contains a quick look at the current status of Blitz. Easily see neglected leads, upcoming appointments, assigned leads and more. To get back to the My Blitz page click on the “My Blitz” link on the main menu. (Professional and Enterprise Editions Only)

The Blitz Setup Tasks Gadget lists tasks that need to be setup so Blitz can work for you. Each task gives you a link to setup the feature and a link to the features help documentation. Once a task has been completed it is removed from the list. Once all the tasks are completed the Blitz Setup Tasks Gadget is removed.
The Leads By Status Gadget list all the leads in the system by status. The View link takes you to the Lead Log screen filtered by the selected lead status. (Administrators Only)
The Upcoming Appointments Gadget lists all of the appointments you have on your schedule for the next seven days. To view your full schedule click the View your schedule link at the bottom of the gadget.
The Neglected Leads Gadget lists all of the leads that have been neglected.  The View link takes you to the Neglected Lead screen filtered by the selected user.
The Blitz Lead Manager Blog Gadget lists the last four entries from the Blitz Lead Manager Blog. The title of the blog entry takes you to the full blog article.
The Leads By Milestone Gadget lists all of the leads that currently have a milestone set. They are grouped by milestone. The View link takes you to the Lead List screen filtered by the selected milestone. (Administrators Only)
The Assigned Leads Gadget lists all of the leads that are currently assigned. The View link takes you to the Lead List screen filtered by the selected assigned user.

My Blitz