Automatic Robo-Agent First Impressions Re-quote

Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software has added a new Workflow action that automatically sends leads to First Impressions to be re-quoted.  Once the lead is successfully re-quoted, the lead will receive an email from First Impressions with the new quote and the quote will be recorded in Blitz as it currently does with any Robo-Agent quotes.  Since this functionality is part of Workflow, an automatic follow-up appointment could be enabled as well.


Below are the requirements to enable this functionality:

  • Must have First Impressions
  • Must have Blitz’s Workflow
  • Your First Impressions email address must be listed in My Company within Blitz firstimpressionsagentnumber-copy
  • Lead must have a Control Number listed in their lead log details
  • Lead must have a Robo-Agent Type selectedroboagenttypeandcontolnumber-copy

In the below example, a request is sent to First Impressions to re-quote prior to the lead’s X-date.  If successful, the quote will be added to the lead’s history notes.  If unsuccessful, an error message will be added to the history notes.


The quote will also be added to the lead’s details in the Revenue field, and the Last Quote Date will be updated.


Workflows will help automate your follow-up and re-quote process, freeing up valuable time to focus on what is most important- making the sale! For any additional questions, or to get started with Workflow, contact us at (419) 841-8800 or support@blitzleadmanager.com. Pricing for Workflows can be found on Blitz’s Features page.