web based contact management solution


You asked for it and we provided it. Blitz Contact Manager is now capable of alerting you by text message once a lead falls into the system.


Users can quickly address a lead that has come into the software via a web form they’ve created for either a website or their Facebook page. Before text message alerts from Blitz were created, Blitz would send users email alerts to notify them about new leads. Now, users can enjoy all of the convenience that comes from receiving text alerts. Since many of our customers aren’t always in an area with Internet or near a computer with access to their email, having text alerts allows our mobile users to keep in contact with their new leads even when they’re away from their desks.


By receiving text alerts about new leads right away, agents are able to contact their leads while they’re hot. Text alerts inform users of a lead’s basic information, such as name and phone number. Blitz Mobile is also available to users who would like to access Blitz contact manager software from their mobile device. This means that once agents receive a text message about a new lead, they can search for or add in additional information on the lead right from their phones. Because they have the information available on hand, users are able to call leads wherever and whenever they want. It takes agents just a click to connect with their new leads, leading to more sales and fewer missed opportunities.


But don’t worry; we haven’t thrown out email notifications entirely. Along with a text alert, you’ll still receive an email one. Blitz’s technology makes its user’s lead tracking effortless no matter where they are.


For more information on setting up text message alerts, click here.