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Email notifications in Blitz are another reason why Blitz stands out from other lead managers. With Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software, you can elect to receive a notification on any change in your system. Blitz will send you the notification in an email, keeping you updated on activities within the sales system.


You can easily turn on email notifications from your Blitz account by editing your settings within Blitz. Select in which situations you would like to receive an email notification, and you are all ready to begin receiving notifications. You can turn off email notifications in a similar manner, meaning that the notifications you receive can be perfectly tailored to meet your agency’s needs.


In the Blitz contact management software, users can opt to receive a notification if someone either adds or removes something from their schedules. Want to be notified anytime a lead is updated? Blitz will send you an email anytime someone adds a note. You can use lead log history updates in addition to or instead of running a lead log history report. Perhaps you are more interested in a lead’s progress through your company’s sales process. Change your settings to receive notification when something has been marked “hot,” when something has been quoted, or when something has been sold. Blitz is set up to provide email notifications based on many different activities within the system, keeping you and your staff updated on real time occurrences.


In addition to keeping you updated in real time, notifications contain clickable links that take you back into Blitz’s contact management software. For example, lead log history updates contain the individual lead’s name and basic contact information. If you follow the link back to Blitz, you can quickly schedule a follow-up or enter in an opportunity for that lead. Since notifications are sent by email, you can also pull them up on your mobile device. Simply select the contact’s phone number from the email and Blitz will put you in immediate contact with that lead. Receiving email notifications on your mobile device saves you time since you don’t have to log into Blitz to pull up the lead. Merely use the information provided to you in the update.


Blitz’s email notifications are entirely adjustable around the needs of your agency. Some users have found it useful to schedule notifications to send when they have an appointment. The email reminds them of the most salient points of the appointment: the contact’s information and the topic of the meeting. With Blitz’s email reminders, you’re guaranteed to be up to date on every event. Click here to learn more about how email notifications can boost your business.