small business CRM system

Inviting customers to an appointment to speak with you isn’t the same as inviting them to your birthday party. For starters, most of your business appointments will take place over the phone rather than on your patio. Secondly, and most disappointingly, there usually isn’t any cake.

Imagine if someone approached you and said, “How would you like to take an hour or so out of your busy day to celebrate my birthday? The entire party will consist of us speaking together on the phone. Oh, and there won’t be any cake.” An invitation like that isn’t the most appealing. So how can you make it more likely that someone will actually accept your invitation for an appointment? Answer: Make it easy for them. Once accepted, Blitz small business CRM software’s appointment invitations automatically apply themselves to the customer’s calendar, making accepting and remembering invitations easier for the customer.

Appointment invitations are invites you can send to your leads right from Blitz. Instead of opening your email in a different tab to send an appointment invitation, Blitz’s web-based system gives you the option to send emails right from our system, saving you time in your busy work day. Once you’ve sent an emailed appointment invite, a note appears on your schedule within Blitz with the date and details of the appointment. The lead who receives your email and accepts it has the appointment automatically added to her calendar within the email system she’s using. Because both parties have the appointment automatically scheduled to their calendars, neither is likely to forget about it. Blitz also allows users to send appointment invites for other users. For example, a telemarketer would like to set an appointment for a sales producer. He can send the email invite from his account, but change the “from” address to the sales producer’s address. Once the email has been sent, a note will appear on the sale producer’s schedule with the information about the appointment.

If you want your leads to accept and remember appointments, you have to make it easy for them. Blitz Contact Manager simplifies the invitation process for both parties. As a Blitz user, you’re able to quickly schedule the appointment for yourself (or for someone else) without having to open a separate application. Your customers will also enjoy the convenience of having appointments automatically scheduled to their calendars after they’ve accepted the invite. So while an appointment invitation is not as exciting as a birthday party invitation, Blitz CRM software’s appointment invites make sure that the invitation is memorable.