Neglected Leads Enhancement

  • A change to the way the Neglected Leads are calculated has been made to make the list more accurate. Neglected leads will no longer be affected by System Log Type history notes. If a history note is added with a type related to a system function it will be ignored when calculating neglected leads. Examples of system types are “Quick Assign”, “Web Lead”, “Merge Duplicates”, “Lead Auto Assignment”.

Undelivered Email Enhancement

  • If an email sent from Blitz is not deliverable:
    • An email will be sent to the From address for the email indicating the recipient and the message from the recipients mail server indicating why it was not delivered.
    • A history record will be added to the lead indicating that the recipient was unable to receive the message.
    • If the email address for the lead matches the undeliverable recipient address, the email will be removed from the lead. Since this email is invalid you don’t want to send more messages to this email address.