Email Templates

  • A new feature for email templates allows you to use lead and assigned to user information inside the template. Use the Lead Substitutions dropdown to insert the desired information. This will add information inside brackets.  The Lead’s name field would look like [LeadName] when inserted into the template. All of the lead’s fields and the assigned to user’s first name, last name and email address can be used in the template.
  • A subject has been added to Email Template. The Subject will be used to default the subject field when selecting the template when sending a message.
    Email Template

Web Lead Confirmation Email Enhancement

  • A new setting for Web Lead Confirmation allows you to send the email from the Assigned To user’s email address. This will allow email responses to go back to Assigned To user’s email address instead of a specific address that the user may not have access to. The ”Default From Address” is used if the lead is not assigned to a user or if the assigned to user has no email address configured.
    Confirmation Email