Blitz Lead Manager has added a new simple way to quick assign a custom group of contacts.  Administrators can filter prospects based on any criteria, and now select and assign the results directly from the lead list page to a user.  This allows leads to be grouped by location, time zone, language, and more so the right user is always assigned.


In order to maximize value of prospects, it’s important they are assigned to the best rep to handle the sale.  Many companies bring on sales reps with different qualifications to handle different types of situations or leads.  By allowing administrators to select the criteria leads are assigned on, it offers greater flexibility and control of lead distribution.  Leads can be filtered based on one or multiple columns, including 20 fields in every campaign that can be customized.  Businesses are also taking advantage of this feature by assigning leads gradually from a large master list, so reps are only getting what they can handle at a time.  By assigning 50 leads a week, instead of 1500 at once, it provides the user with a workable goal and can greatly increase productivity.


Archie Heinl, President of Blitz Lead Manager, said, “By allowing custom lead distribution directly from the lead list, contacts can virtually be assigned any way the company sees fit.  Giving users the right leads at the right time is proving to shorten the sales process significantly.”


Blitz Lead Manager’s web based software automates follow up for all types of contacts.  In addition to the newest assignment feature, prospects and customers can also be assigned automatically, by percentage, individually, or redistributed from one producer to another if they are not being worked.  To learn more about Blitz, visit their website at www.blitzleadmanager.com or call (888)470-0606.