Reacting quickly to new inbound leads is crucial to selling in today’s fast paced market.  In response to customer feedback, Blitz Lead Manager has released an enhancement to increase response time on new leads.  Users included in auto assign groups for internet or web form leads can now temporarily remove themselves from the rotation.  While auto assign groups are disabled, the user will no longer receive new inbound leads.  When the user is ready to receive leads again, they can simply enable auto assign groups and get back to work.


By utilizing this feature, businesses can guarantee every lead will be assigned to a user that is ready and able to respond.  In addition, offices with part time employees or multiple shifts are able to distribute leads more proportionally based on the hours staff is in the office.  During the day, while users are on lunch break, in a meeting, or caught up with other tasks, they can simply turn off inbound leads.  As they log back into Blitz, a reminder will pop up to ensure the user will remember to turn leads back on when they are ready.


Archie Heinl, president of Blitz Lead Manager, said “Our customers want to know that their leads are being worked.  By giving users the ability to turn on or off leads, businesses are improving response time and have peace of mind that leads aren’t being neglected.”


Blitz Lead Manager’s web based platform is designed to streamline the sales process and convert leads into customers.  When new inbound leads are unable to be contacted, Blitz’s sales force automation tool ensures the lead will continue to be worked with automatic drip emails and follow up reminders until contact is made.


To learn more about Blitz Lead Manager, contact Blitz support at support@blitzleadmanager.com or (888)470-0606.