Blitz Lead Manager announces a new partnership with QVSM, an insurance lead provider for P&C leads.  QVSM offers exclusive pre-qualified auto, home, and renters leads with live call transfers to get prospects to producers immediately.  They also provide programs for supplemental insurance, group health and business P&C.  Their center is fully bi-lingual, a great source of leads for growing Hispanic communities.


Now integrated with Blitz Lead Manager, real-time leads from QVSM will drop automatically into Blitz to ensure they are contacted right away.  When the lead has been received, Blitz sales software will automatically assign it to a sales producer, notifying them via email and sending an automatic customized email to the prospect.  If the lead has not been contacted, Blitz will continue to automate emails to the lead and follow up reminders for the assigned producer.  This process saves businesses valuable time manually entering information, and ensures that leads are being followed up on.


Blitz Lead Manager is a central hub for all prospects and contacts, allowing producers to stay organized and focused on closing sales.  Since Blitz is web based and automated, users can access the system anywhere and follow up with leads more efficiently.  Archie Heinl, president of Blitz Lead Manager, said, “We are excited to welcome QVSM as a new lead provider partner.  This new integration will save agents time distributing and following up with inbound leads, allowing them to reach them even faster to win more sales.”


To learn more about Blitz Lead Manager, contact Blitz support at support@blitzleadmanager.com or (888)470-0606.


To learn more about QVSM, visit their website at www.qvsminc.com.