Fonality is the only leading provider of business phone and contact center systems designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses. They deliver the same user experience in the cloud hosted or on-premise, with innovative features that help businesses save time, communicate more efficiently and reduce costs. Speed, simplicity and affordable solutions give businesses a competitive edge, features Fonality understands are imperative to help them grow.

Blitz Lead Management Software and Fonality’s integration allows users to connect their Blitz account to their phone line, creating a seamless process to better serve leads and clients. When answering an incoming call, Blitz automatically launches the corresponding Lead Log, preventing delays or confusion. Employees no longer will need to search for the contact, saving them valuable time that could be spent helping the lead or client. This automated lead tracking process guarantees that every contact will be updated in Blitz, avoiding any missed opportunities.

This integration also converts all phone numbers from Blitz into clickable links. This functionality enables users to make outgoing calls quicker and easier, allowing for even more calls to be made.

Both Blitz Lead Management Software and Fonality are excited about this integration as it will help their clients take their business to the next level. “Our integration with Fonality provides businesses with the tools to reach more leads and to better serve and communicate with leads and customers, in turn increasing their ROI and retention rate,” commented Archie Heinl, President of Blitz Lead Manager.

John Young, Senior Vice President of Sales at Fonality states, “By integrating Blitz Lead Management software with a Fonality communication solution, business owners are able to see a tangible return on investment in both the overall customer experience as well as increase productivity from the sales agents by up to two hours each day.”

For more information about Fonality, you can contact them at (469) 252-7437 or visit their website at http://fonality.com/blitz.

For more information about sales software Blitz Lead Manager, you can contact them at (888) 470-0606 or visit their website at https://www.nowblitz.com/.