When creating content, it’s important to know your audience.  There is a fine line between thinking outside of the box and making viewers scratch their head.  However, some argue that all press is good press.  Whatever gets them talking, right?  That is a strategy all in itself.  Check out these 8 cringe worthy marketing fails (or wins, if you look at it that way!):


In 2013, Chipotle‘s Twitter account launched a pretend hack.  Later they confessed it was fake and part of a 20th anniversary promotion.  They could have at least made sense!



Say what?!



In 2012, during the NCAA Men’s Final Four in New Orleans, Coca-Cola used a chalk spray paint to apply their logo all over the French Quarter.  Residents were livid about the graffiti and Coca-Cola ultimately apologized and removed the paint.

Last year Samsung released, well, one of the worst commercials I have ever seen.  Only meant to be released in Korea, the internet went wild with claims of the video being sexist.  Plus, the acting! Oh, the acting!



As a self-proclaimed grammar nazi, I had to throw in a punctuation fail.  I hope whoever made the sign doesn’t frost the cake’s cakes!



In 2012, McDonalds launched the #McDStories in an attempt to encourage positive stories about their restaurant.  Well, since this in the internet we are talking about, it obviously blew up in their face.  #McDStories quickly turned into #McDHorrorStories.



I’m confused.  Do I have to pay or not?



Shortly after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, Spirit Airlines was under fire for releasing multiple ads labeled “Check Out The Oil On Our Beaches.”  When questioned about the advertisement, the company commented “It is unfortunate that some have misunderstood our intention with today’s beach promotion.”  This can be filed in the “Too Soon” category.