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Wikipedia defines memes as ideas, styles, or actions that spread person to person over the Internet. In other words, memes are popular images or videos that people adapt to make their own (Think about the grumpy cat memes or the hundreds of Harlem Shake videos). One of the funniest memes for sales is business cat. This facetious feline is usually pictured sporting a smart–looking tie and an arsenal of funny business and sales themed quips. The weekend is nearly here, so take a well-deserved break and enjoy the best of business cat:

1.)  Business cat is a typical cat.

Blitz Lead Manager

2.)  But, he’s got a good head for business.

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3.)  He’s worked hard for his position.

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4.)  And he makes an excellent mentor.

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5.)  His leadership skills are unparalleled.

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6.)  As is his work ethic

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7.)  He’s someone who’s passionate about his work.

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8.)  And knows his limitations

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9.)  He’s a good communicator.

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10.) And most importantly, he knows what takes priority.

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