Four reasons to hire a corporate cleaning group and six questions to ask

Are you thinking about hiring a corporate cleaning group for your company? Great! Working with a company who maintains your property on a regular schedule – or even on emergency notice – can save money on staffing costs and keep your company looking great.


But what kind of commercial cleaning help do you need? Before you meet with an agency, sit down with some of your company’s decision makers to figure out the level of cleaning you’ll be requesting. It’s better to get an idea of what you need before meeting with a company so that they’ll be better able to present their solutions with a realistic quote.

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Here are some of the ways corporate cleaning companies can help you with your office needs:

  1. Emergency cleaning

Have you ever had fire or water damage in your office space? A corporate cleaning company will come in evaluate the damage. They will  give you an estimate for costs, such as removal of unsafe property and any cleaning services needed. Other impromptu cleaning jobs could come up last minute too, say, if you have an office dog with a weak bladder, or an employee who should have stayed home sick.

  1. Setting up or breaking down office space

If you’re moving into a new building, a corporate cleaning company will help you clean the empty space before moving in, and ensure your security deposit by cleaning your old office before you leave. Since your lease probably requires that you leave the property as it was when you first moved in, you’ll need to hire a company to break down anything left behind after the move, as well as clean the space to your leasing company’s satisfaction. Remember, some damages, such as stains, can be left behind if you’ve worked in a space for a while. This usually falls under the label of normal wear and tear.

  1. Window washing services

How often do you see a CEO on top of a tall ladder washing the inside and outside windows? I’ll bet not very often. If your maintenance team is too busy or you work in an extremely tall building like a skyscraper, you’ll need to hire a company to wash your business’s windows regularly.

  1. Maintenance cleaning

There is a lot of cleaning that doesn’t need to be done on a regular basis, but should be done seasonally or on a schedule that best meets your company’s needs. Some of these chores include carpet shampooing and air duct and vent cleaning.

After you’ve decided what type of cleaning services you’re hiring for, consider these questions. Try to figure out what answers will work best for your company, based on its size and location.

When you decide that hiring a corporate cleaner is necessary, ask these questions when you interview:

  1. Is the corporate cleaning group qualified and insured?

Make sure to ask questions about how the cleaners are trained at hire and throughout their career. They should be insured, also. Not only for their workers but also for your property. If they should hold any particular certifications, ask for a record of them before allowing anyone to work in your facility.

  1. How are charges incurred?

Cost will play a big role on what type of services you’ll purchase from a corporate cleaning group. Ask about package deals and find out if you are being charged by the hour, day, week, or even month.

  1. What time will the cleaning group work?

Will the cleaners come in while your staff are present or would you rather they come in after business hours? Once you’ve made this decision, find a company who will work around your schedule.

  1. What type of cleaning do you need?

Set expectations clearly – what type of cleaning will they be regularly doing? What type of cleaning will they be doing on occasion? Have someone in your agency show them around and specify your expectations so you’ll be sure everyone is on the same page.

  1. What are the ingredients of the products they use?

Do you mind them cleaning with chemicals or do you prefer a natural approach? Find out the ingredients they use in their products on the off chance anyone in your agency has an allergic reaction to anything. On that note, will they require you to provide your own cleaning products or will they bring their own?

  1. What security clearance will they need?

If the company will need specific clearance to do their jobs, such as pass cards to get indoors, how will the security clearance be handled? Will they need to be approved for clearance? If they will be working during off business hours, who will be entrusted with a key and alarm code?

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What other tips do you have on hiring a corporate cleaning company? Let us know in the comments!