Blitz allows you to add users to your instance up to your current number of licenses. Adding users lets more people utilize your sales follow up software.

If you have open licenses:

To add users to Blitz,

  1. Go to the Administration tab and select Manage Users
  2. Click Add New Record
  3. Fill in all information for the new user. The user will be asked to change their password upon first login
  4. The “Rights” option determines if the user will have the Administration menu. “Admin” users will have the option “User” users will not.
  5. The “Allow Merging Duplicates” option can be checked for users that you want to allow to merge two potential duplicate leads. In most cases this would be checked.
  6. Click Save
  7. Provide the User Name, Password that you configured to the user and direct them to the Login screen.

The new user will now be able to log in to Blitz.

If you need more or less licenses:

Admin users can request licenses using the Support link that is found on each page in Blitz.

  1. Click the “Support” link on any page
  2. Fill in a Subject of the support request.
  3. Select the “User Licenses” option
  4. Select Add or Subtract licenses
  5. Enter the number of users that you wish to add or subtract
  6. The new number of licenses that you will have is reflected
  7. Click the “Send To Support” button

Please note that we do not pro-rate for partial months.

If you are replacing one user with another:

Everyone has some level of employee turnover or job responsibility changes. Follow these steps to replace users.

  1. Edit the user that will no longer have access to Blitz by clicking the edit icon.
  2. Select Inactive from the status drop-down
  3. Click the Save button.
  4. This will free up a license for you account and you can add the new user by following the steps above for adding a new user.

Please note that all activity is still displayed for Inactive users. All you are doing by making them Inactive is not allowing that user to sign in to Blitz.

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