Blitz Lead Manager sales software provides 20 custom fields for each campaign that can be renamed.  This allows users to input the data they want, makes for easy importing, and allows users to search and sort leads based on any criteria.




  1. Go to Administration > Manage Campaigns.  To the right of the campaign, click the Campaign Settings icon (hammer/wrench )
  2. Click the “Custom Column Headings” tab to rename fields.
  3. Optional:  To create a date field or dropdown box, click the “Custom Column Types” tab.  If a dropdown box was created, make sure to click “Edit” to type in the available values in the dropdown.
  4. Optional:  To set the default columns shown on the lead list, click the “Default Columns” tab.


Tips & Best Practices:

  • Do not edit custom column headings for web lead campaigns.  The headings are already configured based on a template created by the web lead provider, and they will still send the same information to the same fields regardless of the field name in Blitz.  Creating a dropdown box or date field could potentially prevent leads from dropping into Blitz.
  • For existing campaigns, renaming a field will not move or change the data that is already in that field.  Set the fields up the way you want them before adding data to the campaign.
  • When creating custom field names, try to keep them the same throughout every campaign.  This will allow you to sort and filter the data across all campaigns.  An easy way to do this is to copy settings from one campaign to another.  In Administration > Manage Campaigns, there is a “Copy Campaign Settings” icon  that allows you to do this.
  • When creating a dropdown box (step 3 above), add a blank field for leads that don’t apply.
  • If you plan to use a custom field for dates (birthday, renewal date, etc.), always convert it to a date field (step 3 above).  This will be helpful when sorting your lead list, to sort them by date instead of alphabetically.