Still keeping up those New Year’s resolutions?  An easy way to stay healthy and save some cash is to pack your lunch!  Mix up your lunch routine with some of these healthy, power lunches for sales people:


Turkey Caesar Sandwich
Forget the standard lunch meat and mayo!  This sandwich is packed with a homemade caesar spread, lettuce, and turkey on fresh slices of bread.  (Shortcut: Just use caesar dressing)
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Homemade lunchable
Take a trip down memory lane with a homemade “lunchable”.  Grab whatever meat and cheese you have, some crackers, and you’re in business.



Dressed-Up Tomato Basil Soup
Canned soup doesn’t have to be boring.  Dress up your favorite tomato soup with slices of bruschetta and fresh basil.  Bonus points for packing your good china and placemat.
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Black bean salad
Whip up a quick batch of this flavorful southwestern salad and you’ll have lunch for days.  Toss in some crackers and you’re out the door!
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PB & Fruit
Relive your childhood and try this “adult version” of PJ&J.  Simply swap the jelly with your favorite fruit.
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Snacky lunch
Can’t come up with a cohesive meal?  Just throw a little of this and a little of that into some tupperware, and viola!  You have yourself a lunch, and your fridge is clean.



An easy way to keep lunch interesting is by cooking a little extra the night before.  Get creative with leftovers by repurposing them.  Roasted chicken can be added to a wrap or salad, chili can be tossed with noodles or spooned onto some crusty bread, the list goes on.  Even better – you don’t have to throw it together the next morning!