When most people think about insurance, they picture insuring their car, home, health, or other standard policies that we all have.  But what if you are a professional athlete and get injured?  What if, by a small chance, you laugh to death?  When people’s careers or livelihood is up for stake, it only makes sense to prepare for the unexpected.  Check out these seven out of the ordinary policies:


1. Being abducted, impregnated, or consumed by aliens

In 2001, a UK man, who goes by the name of “Captain Beaney,” took out a £1m policy to protect himself in the case of alien abduction, as well as becoming impregnated or being eaten by the aliens.


2. Teeth

America Ferrera’s teeth were insured for $10 million by Aquafresh White Trays while she was the face of their product.


3. Marketing scheme 

Awaiting the return of the Mir space station in 2001, Taco Bell announced a promotion to offer everyone in the U.S. a free taco if the core lands on their giant “Free Taco Here” sign placed in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.  In case it hit, they took out a large insurance policy to cover the cost.


4. Taste buds

Egon Ronay, a food critic, insured his taste buds for $400,000 in the chance they were damaged.


5. Hole in one

Golf tournaments often offer a large prize for anyone who hits a hole in one.  For those lucky golfers, tournaments have been known to purchase a policy up to $50,000 to cover the cost.


6. Middle finger

Just in case he can no longer perform, The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards took out a policy for $1.6 million to protect his left middle finger.


7. More than one baby

A Michigan couple purchased coverage in case they have twins or more, to help with the financial impact of more than one mouth to feed.  They not only got a payout for their first set of twins, but took out another policy before their second set of twins!