The smaller your business, the more important it is to hire quality employees that can help bring your business to the next level.  Although sometimes it’s hard to find that perfect candidate, by asking the right questions and looking for the right things, it can be simpler than you think.  Keep in mind it’s better to hold out for a good match than to settle on someone who is not going to benefit your company.  Below are 6 key qualities to look for when hiring:


1.  Commitment –  Look for someone who is in it for the long haul.  If a candidate brings up advancement opportunities or is continuing their education in your field, that’s a good sign.  Having a solid background is also helpful, as jumping from job to job is a sign they may quit on you.  Let’s be honest, turnover is expensive and a waste of valuable time.


2.  Aptitude – When thinking long term, raw potential trumps experience.  Some skills just can’t be taught!


3.  Intelligence – Now I’m not saying every person you hire needs to be a genius, but you need someone with good critical thinking skills who can learn quickly and do it correctly.  Someone who is able to apply their knowledge to unique situations, not just talk about it.  This saves valuable time on micro managing and allows you to focus your time on more important tasks.


4.  Creative thinking – Having intelligence is one thing, but being able to think outside the box and and solve problems in invaluable.


5.  Attitude – When hiring a new employee, they could have all the skills and knowledge in the world but if they simply do not fit in with your office’s culture it won’t make a difference.  One employee can bring down the morale of an entire office.  Late, lazy, dressed sloppy, or simply no chemistry: give them the cut.


6.  Passion –  People who are passionate about their job will continue to grow within the position and go the extra mile to make a difference.  The tricky thing with overqualified candidates is that they often don’t stick because they feel they are above the position.