Many potential homeowners try to avoid the “cookie-cutter” home, but some take originality to a whole other level.  Imagine trying to sell one of these extreme homes!


1. The Upside-Down House 

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Located in Syzmbark, Poland, an upside-down home was built by Daniel Czapiewski, a Polish philanthropist and designer.  Believe it or not, this is not the only upside-down house out there, and the inside is functional!



2. The Airplane Home

Tucked inside the woods of Oregon rests a Boeing 727-200.  This jetliner isn’t lost, it’s actually a plane converted into a home!  Bruce Campbell, who lives inside the plane, brought the plane inside the woods piece by piece and reconstructed it within the trees.



3.  The Cube Residence

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Is it a Rubik’s cube?  No, just another extreme home located in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  There are three floors in each home, containing a living room, kitchen, study, bathroom, multiple bedrooms, and a viewing deck on top.



4.  The Extra-Mobile Home

This mobile bike-home, approximately 30 square feet, is perfect for the travel and exercise enthusiast.  It’s complete with a tiny kitchenette, sleeping loft, and storage.  This is one bike you don’t want to get stolen!



5.  The Tree House


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This alien-like home in is suspended from the trees!  To enter, you must climb a spiral stairway or the walk across the suspension bridge that leads into the sphere.  Check out the pupil window!



6. Recycle Ranch

Built by Édouard T. Arsenault, this home in Prince Edward Island, Canada is made out of 25,000 recycled bottles!  Would you want to live in a home made of 100% recycled materials?



7.  The Treetop Dwelling

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There are multiple tree homes like this in Irian Jana, Indonesia.  Built by the Korowai and Kombai clans, residents must climb over 100 feet to reach their home.



8. The Underground Abode

This home in Dietikon, Switzerland avoids the elements by being built completely underground.  Could you see yourself hanging out inside one of these?



9.  The Balanced House

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s cantilevers have nothing on this house!  He does, however, win points for better style and complete walls.  This structure in the Ukraine may have been an old bunker for mineral fertilizers, and looks pretty abandoned now.  Pretty extreme, nonetheless!



10.  The Fireproof Flat

Situated between two giant bolders, this home in Fafe, Portugal is pretty much as secure as you get.  With tons of rock surrounding the structure, this home is fireproof, windproof, and impervious to insects (just don’t leave the door open).