Increase Sales Close Rates for Your Business!

This eBook Includes:

Discovery Questions That Identify Pain Points

Ask them questions about themselves. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Ask about them, and they’ll think you’re the most interesting person on the sales floor.

Open-Ended Questions That Lead to Conversations

Through open-ended questions, you can locate the customer’s pain points without having to dig very deep or conduct research. You can learn more about her true needs, wants, and values.

Close-Ended Questions For Direct Answers

If open-ended questions are a way elicit emotional responses and explanations, then close ended sales questions get right to the point. These questions will give you clear answers.

Closing Questions That Secure the Deal

Selling is developing and nurturing a relationship with your customer, understanding her pain points, and educating her on how your product or service can fulfill her wants and needs.

Answering Your Customer’s Questions

Building an arsenal of questions will help you build relationships, locate pain points, attain clear answers, and lead customers closer to sealing the deal.