Notifying Reps of Referrals

Typical Problems

1.) People are emailing their staff.

2.) People are manually texting their staff.

3.) People are not getting notified.

4.) People are manually calling their staff.

How Blitz Allows for Notifying Reps of Referrals

Blitz is a system that is always notifying reps of referrals which allows:

1.) The rep to be notified right when a referral comes in.

2.) The rep to choose how to get notified when a referral comes in whether it be by text, automatic call/connect or email.

3.) The rep to decide when to get notified for a referral.

4.) The managers or owners to not have to worry about manually notifying reps when a referral is received.

5.) No referrals fall through the cracks.

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