Collect Referrals into a Database

Typical Problems

1.) Cannot reference or find referral information: Referrals are in email, on paper, on spreadsheets or in other non-follow-up systems.

2. )There is not a place everyone in the company that can see or reference account information.

3.) People are not using mobile devices to get leads into a database.

4.) People are not allowing referral partners to add leads to their database.

How Blitz Makes This Better

Blitz allows for companies to collect referrals into a database by:

1.) Automatically having referrals come into your Blitz database from referral partners via the Blitz referral portal or web form.

2.) Having referrals in one web-based system that can be accessed anywhere.

3.)  Having mobile access so users always have the information at their fingertips.

4.) Allowing users to search on any type of criteria to find users (name, phone, email, custom fields defined by company).

5.) Allowing the customer to be organized by keeping the information in one place.

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