Assigning Referrals to Staff

Typical Problems

These are some of the problems related to assigning referrals to staff:

1.) Users are manually forwarding emails to staff members to call/email referrals.

2.) Users are printing paper and handing this referral information to staff.

3.) Referrals are getting lost and not being followed up on continuously.

How Blitz Makes This Better

Blitz enables companies to be able to assign referrals to staff which allows:

1.) Referrals to be part of an automatic follow-up process. This makes sure that there are more attempts than the initial reaching out to the referral.

2.) Prevents referrals from falling through the cracks or getting lost.

3.) Prevents the referral from being neglected.

4.) Takes out the manual work of having someone needing to pass the referral manually.

5.) Referrals can be automatically added and assigned from your referral partner through our referral portal or web form.

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