Referral Management

Blitz Sales Software™ For Referral Management Helps You…

Generate referrals from clients, partners, family and friends, and others in your network

Enable referral partners to automatically send you referrals through our “Referral Portal”

Keep track of referrals and sales opportunities as they move through the sales pipeline

Automate referral first contact and continuous sales follow-up emails & reminder scheduling

Blitz Sales Software™ For Referral Management Enables You To…


Referral Sales Follow-Up

  • Plan Sales Follow-Up Activities
  • Organize Sales Follow-Up Data
  • Segment Prospects & Customers
  • Sort and Filter Data


Referral Sales Follow-Up

  • Get contacts into One System
  • Send Drip Emails
  • Automatically Schedule Reminders
  • Record History Note


Referral Sales Follow-Up

  • Track Sales Opportunities
  • Track Sales Pipeline Milestones
  • Generate On/Offline Reports
  • Monitor and Coach People

Blitz helps you address the following Referral Sales Follow-Up challenges:

Getting Referrals Into A Sales & Marketing Follow-up System:

  1. Assigning referrals the instant they come in
  2. Notifying sales people they have a new referral
  3. Getting referral partners to enter referrals into your database for you
  4. Transferring & tracking referral contact information between you and your referral partners

Consistently Following Up With Referrals:

  1. Ensuring That People Know What To Do & Who To Follow-up With Each Day
  2. Executing Pre-Scheduled Follow-up Activities With Referrals
    • Drip Email To Referrals
    • Calendar Reminders For Sales Reps
    • Changes to contract dates
    • Re-quotes
  3. Recording History Notes, Status & Follow-up Appointment Reminders
  4. Consistently Generating Neglected Referral Warnings

Measuring Referral Sales and Marketing Follow-up:

  1. Tracking Sales Opportunities and Calculating ROI For Referrals
  2. Coaching Sales People & Staff On Referral Follow-up
  3. Viewing Your Sales Follow-up Work and Generating Reports On:
    • Recently Assigned Internet/Web Leads
    • Assigned Referrals
    • Sales Pipeline Milestones
    • Sales Status