Collecting Past Clients into a Database

Typical Problems

  1. People are not moving or importing these clients to past clients and prospecting them from their database.
  2. Past clients are kept in a spreadsheet and not moved to a database for assignment and follow-up.
  3. Past clients are kept in a non-follow-up database (ex. policy mgmt system, crm).
  4. Past clients are not being kept up to speed with the current products and services.

How Blitz Makes This Better

The Blitz Past Client manager allows for the collecting past clients into a database which includes allowing:

  1. Companies to segment their past clients from leads and clients.  In addition, lists of past clients can be imported in Blitz.
  2. Automatic workflows to be setup to send the email communications to try and win back the past clients.
  3. Automatic workflows to be setup to schedule tasks for the right time to follow-up with past clients.
  4. Automatic workflows to provide a consistent follow-up on the past clients.

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