Win-Back Management

Blitz Sales Software™ For Win-Back Management Helps You…

past client management

Launch a Win-Back Campaign

Re-Target Past Clients

Give Past Client More Information

Blitz Sales Software™ Enables You To…


Past Client Sales Follow-Up

  • Plan Sales Follow-Up Activities
  • Organize Sales Follow-Up Data
  • Segment Prospects & Customers
  • Sort and Filter Data


Past Client Sales Follow-Up

  • Get contacts into One System
  • Send Drip Emails
  • Automatically Schedule Reminders
  • Record History Note


Past Client Sales Follow-Up

  • Track Sales Opportunities
  • Track Sales Pipeline Milestones
  • Generate On/Offline Reports
  • Monitor and Coach People

We will help you address the Win-Back follow-up challenges:

Spend More Time With Existing Clients To:

  1. Building relationships
  2. Winning back lost business
  3. Selling other products and services

Spend No Time Manually:

  1. Sending emails
  2. Scheduling calls, meetings, and tasks
  3. Recording history notes and next steps
  4. Assigning clients to sales people

Spend Less Time Manually:

  1. Dialing phone calls to clients
  2. Searching for neglected clients
  3. Tracking sales opportunities with clients
  4. Notifying sales people and staff of newly assigned clients
  5. Transferring client contacts to your partners
  6. Creating sales and marketing reports on client activities
  7. Segmenting clients to prioritize cross-sell, up-sell and renewal activities

Consistently Follow Up With Past Clients:

  1. Segment and tag past clients to focus on high probability win-back activities
  2. Receive and make phone calls using:
    • VoIP “screen pop”
    • VoIP “Click to Call”
    • An auto-dialer
  3. Send drip emails and schedule calendar reminders for salespeople to:
    • Win-back Past Clients
    • Welcome newly re-sold Past Clients
    • Re-quote Past Clients
    • Update Past Client contract date
  4. Record History notes, status and follow-up appointment reminders
  5. Transferring client contacts to your partners
  6. Send and record email blasts as well as manage bad emails, SPAM compliance, etc.
  7. Receive warnings about Past Clients that are being neglected
  8. Notify sales people that they have a new Past Client to follow-up with
  9. Access from your mobile phone your Past Client contact information and sales calendar