Lead Management In Blitz Sales CRM Software

Lead management is an organized sales process with the goal of converting a lead into a customer.  Managing leads often consists of obtaining, contacting, and nurturing leads, as well as running reports to determine the overall effectiveness of the current sales process.

Manage Leads. Make Sales.

Lead Management within Blitz makes it simple to create a custom sales process that works FOR your company and can evolve with different marketing strategies that are implemented. Blitz simplifies and automates tasks, creating more time to correspond with leads and customers. Consistently tracking leads improves customer interaction, resulting in more sales.

Create a more complete timeline, based on your unique sales process, and watch leads turn into sales and sales turn into long term clients.  Blitz allows you to customize your lead management and track your leads to ensure the highest close rates for your company.


Capture Leads

Whether it be importing an Excel sheet of leads from a lead provider or using the form submission feature, Blitz allows you to gather lead information and store it in a database. 


Organize Leads

Stop losing leads by being in the wrong folder. Blitz is fully customizable so you can build your sales process and the CRM software does the work for you!

Prioritize Leads

For better lead management, choose leads that best meet the criteria of a potential sale and call those leads first. Blitz can filter and sort leads by any criteria to narrow down your list.


Lead Distribution

Keep leads organized within your staff by assigning them out, giving each employee their own list to work from. Leads in Blitz can be assigned automatically, by percentage, or one at a time.


Neglected Leads

When a scheduled follow-up is not met, the lead will fall into the Neglected Leads category.  These leads are now marked as a high priority, guaranteeing you will never lose track of a lead.

Nurture Leads

Some leads don’t convert immediately and may require to follow up calls and emails. Set up personal and automated follow-ups to touch base until the prospect is ready to buy. Blitz sales CRM software’s Workflow functionality automatically sends emails to leads and schedules appointments for your staff until the leads are either sold or not interested.

Evaluate Sales Process

Periodically running reports will tell you what (and who) is and isn’t working. Blitz provides simple reports to tell you which sales and marketing techniques are producing the most new customers.

Access Data Anywhere

Why use software that you can’t take with you? Being able to access data from anywhere at any time is important. Having information stored in the cloud allows you to log in from your phone using Blitz Mobile or to use a laptop when you are out of the office.

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