Collecting Leads Into a Database

Typical Problems

  1. Leads are managed in email or spreadsheets and people cannot find or reference information.
  2. People keep buying more leads vs storing and re-working the leads until close.
  3. Future follow-up’s are not being scheduled on leads.
  4. The leads are not being placed in an automated follow-up system but rather contact database with no automation (tasks, emails, etc).
  5. There is not a place everyone in the company that can see or reference account information.

How Blitz Makes This Better for: Collecting leads into a database

  1. Leads can automatically come into the Blitz database from partners, websites and lead vendors.
  2. Leads can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection using a computer or mobile device.
  3. Automatic workflows can be setup to schedule tasks to reps, email for reps, quote for reps and more
  4. The automatic worfkflows will provide a consistent follow-up on the leads.

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