Assign Leads to Staff

Typical Problems

  1. People are forwarding leads to staff via email.
  2. People are assigning spreadsheets to staff.
  3. People do not know who is responsible for what leads.
  4. People are not able to track if leads are worked because they are not assigned.

How Blitz Makes the Assign Leads to Staff Process Better

Blitz can assign leads to staff automatically or manually.  Blitz enables:

  1. Leads to be assigned the instant they come in from a web form, lead provider, or mobile device.
  2. Leads that are loaded from a spreadsheet can be imported and assigned out in bulk by percentage.
  3. Leads can be re-assigned automatically if they are not worked.
  4. Leads are assigned so that each users knows who is responsible and all follow-up can be tracked.

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