Why Blitz?

How does Blitz help me close more deals?

Blitz was designed to help eliminate the manual activities that many companies are users get caught up in today.  Users are manually entering information, assigning contacts, updating spreadsheets, etc.  By eliminating these manual activities, this will free up the users time to be able to focus on what they do best and or what they should be spending their time on which is closing business.  When you work with Blitz, there are predefined automation templates that are setup for your industry.  In addition, the sales process called milestones and statuses that are part of the Blitz best practices are setup.  In addition, Blitz also has email templates, sources and more that are set and ready to go.  If you don’t want to go with the predefined information, no problem, Blitz is configurable!

The Blitz workflows provide sales and marketing automation which includes automatically sending emails, scheduling follow-up appointments, updating contract dates that have passed, reassigning contacts and re-quoting. When you add Workflows, a series of actions can be setup to occur automatically and can be customized to your lead tracking needs.

When certain situations occur, Workflow will:

  1. Automatically send emails to leads
  2. Automatically schedule follow ups
  3. Automatically increment X-dates
  4. Automatically re-assign contacts
  5. Automatically re-quote leads using First Impressions or Typhoon

Our Blitz staff will setup the workflows so get started today!

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