Speed up your staff response time!

If speedy and efficient response time is important in your business, take a look at Blitz Sales Software’s pop-up notifications. Pop-up notifications are sure to help your team with time-sensitive follow-up.

Whether you’re in a busy office environment or quietly working from home, timing is everything. Knowing the best time to reach out to your leads, contacts, or customers is key when trying to make a connection. Blitz Sales Software makes sure that quick response time is a top element in your sales approach.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss Blitz Sales Software’s pop-up notifications, as well as how notifications interact with Blitz Shark Tank (no, not like the TV show).

More information on this content can be found in the Blitz Help Desk under User Preferences & Notification Settings and Blitz Shark Tank.

Blitz pop-up notifications help notify you and your staff when critical moments are occurring with your leads, contacts, or customers. You’ll know when:


A Lead is Newly Assigned

  • Whenever a lead, new or old, is assigned or reassigned to someone on Blitz, Blitz users are notified as soon as possible

One of Your Contacts Opens an Email

  • This optional notification will let you know when a lead has opened an email you sent them from your Blitz sales software account

Someone Clicks on a Link in an Email

  • You’ll know exactly when leads are engaging with the content you send them
  • This enables you to drive a conversation that keeps leads’ attention and close the sale

An Appointment is About to Start

  • If your leads are time-sensitive, Blitz Sales Software’s pop-up notifications can give you an extra level of warning before an important meeting or event becomes a missed opportunity
Click the button below to learn how to use pop-up notifications. Enhance your account’s ability to make meaningful connections, faster. We also invite you to learn more about automation in Blitz: A Beginner’s Guide to Intelligent Workflow Automation.