In this webinar, we’re teaching you all about how to make workflow work for you. If you’re using a CRM system like Blitz, knowing how to run the included automation is huge. If you have a follow-up plan, Workflow can help implement it. If you don’t have a designated follow-up plan, you can use our existing templates as a starting point and customize as you go!

So, What is Workflow?

Workflow is what we at Blitz call our automation system. The automation can take care of quite a few different processes in your follow-up process, but the main two are sending automated emails and scheduling automatic appointments. This takes work out of your hands and out of your staff’s hands. Here are some examples of what Workflow can do for you:

  • Send Emails
  • Create Appointments
  • Create Task Reminders
  • Reassign Contacts
  • Adjust Contract Date
  • Move Leads Between Folders
  • Post Information to a URL
  • And more…

When considering how you want to run automation on your account, remember that an organized database is a happy database. This is also a key factor in making workflow work for you. Workflow runs on dispositions, and dispositions are how you label your contacts in Blitz.

Helpful Links

For more detailed information about working with and building automated processes in Blitz, visit our helpdesk. We recommend starting with Workflow 101 because it shows off the basics of Workflow. Workflow 102 is essential if you are interested in customizing workflows.

If you are interested in more Blitz webinars, you can find our current run of webinars on the webinars page on our blog. The last subject we covered was all about how to target your past customers.