If you have an automatic email tool like Blitz’s Workflow as well as an idea of how often you want to touch base with your leads, you have all the tools you need to take your communication to the next level. Here’s the next level: email templates.

It’s time to start writing

In this Blitz Sales Software webinar, you’ll find tips for creating your own email templates. Our goal is to help you write emails meant for many people that still retain a personal feel. This is called individualized marketing communication, prepared in mass.  

Write one email template and reach all your clients

That’s all it means! You’re marketing to individuals, and you’re crafting a small number of emails that focus on the individual contacts receiving them.

Watch the webinar below to learn about all of the important tools for creating your templates on Blitz:

  • Add an image to the email
  • Include links to your site
  • Use email substitutions

This webinar covers how to build detailed email templates and focuses on the key features of Blitz Workflow. We’ll even touch on how you can use HTML in your templates to build a consistent style.

Helpful Links

Visit our helpdesk for more information on how to create email templates:

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