Past clients can be a rich resource. Especially when you are competitive in your field. The question is, how can you make contact with those past customers, share company updates, and offer them an opportunity to come back to you? We’ll share how to win back past clients in this webinar.

The Answer is Automation

With Blitz Sales Software’s automated workflows, you can set up targeted reach outs to make sure you’re in touch with those past customers at just the right time. That’s a very small effort on your end that results in more contacted customers. Workflows are incredibly simple, and in the webinar below, you’ll see how to work a past client list with automation.

The webinar covers these specific steps to winning back past clients:

  • List Management
  • Mass Disposition Update
  • Customizing Workflow Automation

When working past customers with workflow automation, the contract date field is your friend. The intention of the past customer workflow works a bit like requoting. If you have a date that represents either a cancellation date (or in the insurance leads world, an x-date) we’ll use that to run your past customer workflows.

Win Back Past Clients

We simply plug the appropriate date into the contract date field on Blitz and create a recurring workflow process. This recurring workflow will reach out to the customer before the upcoming contract date to help you make contact at a key time of year for that person.

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