Customizing your User Experience in Blitz is a focus on helping you tweak your setup in Blitz Sales Software. We will walk through how to adjust your notification options in Blitz as well as share some different organizational processes. These subtle changes will keep you up to date on important information about your contacts in Blitz Sales Software. We will also be covering some additional bells and whistles.

In this article, you’ll find direct links to our help desk on all of the topics covered in the webinar, as well as some related content that wasn’t the focus, but is still very helpful if you have a need to follow up on them.

Overall, we covered the User preferences page, where the main discussion was based around updating and adjusting your profile settings to get the most out of Blitz. The main page on our help desk for user preferences is a great space to begin if you’re looking for more detail on adjusting those settings.

User Preferences and Notification settings Help Desk Page

Related topics that were not the direct focus of the webinar:

  1. We covered the Shark Tank in brief, which is a tool used to distribute leads to users. More detail can be found on the tutorial video page as well as the text based instructions for the shark tank.
  2. Blitz Web Forms are a method of capturing leads from many different sources. Build a form for your social media campaigns, your email referral captures, public events where you meet and greet and collect contact info, etc…
  3. Blitz’s Web Lead setup page will help you establish a connection to any internet lead providers you are working with.
  4. We mentioned Workflow a few times during the webinar. If you are not using Blitz’ sales followup automation, you’re missing out. Look into this tool and see how you can expand your reach without having to expand your staff. Let the automation take work out of your hands.
  5. You can adjust your Schedule Settings to make sure your display is appropriate for your hours worked.
  6. If you are working with an external calendar, these instructions will help you fine tune the settings needed to have your Blitz schedule appear on your phone, tablet, or outlook desktop application.

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