The Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software provides companies across many different industries to be able to automate their follow-up processes. This video touches on thoughts from insurance, payroll, commercial cleaning and ground penetrating radar systems companies. Some of the top features mentioned within the video include how important custom fields are within Blitz which allows businesses to be able to search, sort and filter on criteria that is important to them. The businesses get to decide what a custom field is within the system whether that is the size of a building, current carrier, SIC code, etc.

This video allows hits on the ability to have multiple databases within the system, so companies to segment their contacts however they want. So, they are able to categorize their leads, referrals, clients and past clients in their own way. The communications to these contacts can be clear and specific to their audience. In addition, with all the communications, many companies use this as a CRM as well as a sales and marketing system.

The workflows within Blitz allow these companies to be able to focus on what they do best which is make the sale. The workflows are able to automatically send out the email, schedule the contacts for their reps and more!